Rare 1930 Bristol Airport Bristol International Air Pageant Medal in case





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Rare 1930 Bristol Airport Bristol International Air Pageant Medal in case given to pilots. 

The Bristol & Wessex Flying Club started their activities at Filton in 1927 but as time went on they required more room so farmland was bought at Whitchurch to become one of the first civilian airports in the country. It was opened on 31st May 1930 but was take over in 1939 by the Air Ministry and was used as a civilian airport during the war.   London was seen as to be too unsafe for civilians and all other airports were used for the military. People who landed at Bristol were taken to London by car.   Famous celebrities that used this airport were Sir Winston Churchill, Amy Johnson, Bing Crosby etc. After the war it reverted back to a civilian airport but in 1957 it ceased as an airport.   On the opening day of Whitchurch airport 31st May 1930 to mark the occasion their was a flying display and the pilots of the planes were presented with a medallion, one of which is shown here.   On the front it reads:-- In commereation FIRST BRISTOL INTERNATIONAL AIR PAGEANT   and on the reverse:- BRISTOL AIR PORT 1930   And it comes in it`s own box and is marked Birmingham Medal Co Ltd.   The airport was officially opened on 31 May 1930 by HRH Prince George, Duke of Kent. As part of the opening, an ‘International Air Pageant was organised, and attracted over 30,000 spectators, where locals enjoyed aerobatic joy rides.